The Fun of Programming

The fun of programming: What happens when we stop wasting compute time and enjoying how fast our computers really are. Most programming is done with interpreted languages nowadays cutting people off from writing their own high performance code. If you do anything related to audio, video or graphics you want speed. Until recently you had to program C++ to do this. However now we have a new language: Rust that can enable anyone to go fast again. In this talk i will show fractals, synthesisers and very fast UI code and why this makes programming fun again.

About Rik Arends

Founder at Makepad

With 20+ years experience as a C/C++, JavaScript and more recently Rust developer, i’ve always been excited by using omputation for visuals and audio. For this to work you need performance, and a smooth workflow enabled by the right tooling. After having everything i wanted with C except stable code i moved to Javascript and web technologies. However this never got to the point of being able to make fast applications that use modern CPU and GPU power. Now with Rust we have a new chance. I’ve been an entrepeneur my entire life building VJ software in the 00’s, then web UI technology and web IDEs with Cloud9, and am now reimagining the developer workflow in Rust with makepad.

Rik Arends