About ChipSoft

Hospitals and Health Care

Would you like to help improve healthcare but don’t see yourself directly at a patient’s bedside? Take a look at ChipSoft, a long-standing leader in healthcare automation. ChipSoft always has room for talented developers and consultants.

As a market leader in healthcare IT, ChipSoft provides efficient, innovative software solutions to many Dutch and Belgian healthcare institutions. Integrated solutions within one system - HiX - ensure that healthcare providers can offer the right care at the right time.

With passionate developers and consultants, each dedicated to healthcare, the company develops solutions from Amsterdam, Antwerp, Heerenveen, and Hoogeveen that reduce the administrative burden for healthcare providers, enhance collaboration between healthcare institutions, and empower patients to have more control over their treatment. ChipSoft relieves major academic hospitals as well as general practitioners, mental healthcare institutions, independent clinics, nursing homes, care homes, and home care agencies.