A conference for and by IT students.

For those willing to look further than their own classroom. We want to work together, inspire each other, and commit ourselves to a better tomorrow. Besides a range of interesting talks exec(ut) provides great networking opportunities to those attending.

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Stadion Galgenwaard




On 27 March 2024 the Stadion Galgenwaard will host 6 consecutive speakers, each of whom will give a talk on a particular aspect of software and technology.

Aside from these talks we will also host 4 workshops throughout the day! You can sign up for these workshops using our ticket store.

Short breaks (5 minutes) are provided between talks.


Our speakers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and will be presenting an equally wide variety of interesting talks. Below you can find their bios and talk-abstracts, providing you with a sneak peak into their presentations.

Stadion Galgenwaard


This year exec(ut) will be held at Stadion Galgenwaard in Utrecht and is easily accessible by public transport from Utrecht Science Park and Utrecht Centraal.

Stadion Galgenwaard

Herculesplein 2413584 AA UtrechtThe Netherlands

About Stadion Galgenwaard

The Galgenwaard, located in Utrecht, serves as the stadium for FC Utrecht. While renowned as the home ground for FC Utrecht and its significant football history, the Galgenwaard is more than just a football stadium. It also functions as a versatile venue for various events such as conferences. The stadium, surrounded by green fields, provides a dynamic setting for a wide range of entertainment and community gatherings, making it a vibrant hub beyond the realm of football. This year, the Galgenwaard is set to host the exec(ut) conference, showcasing its adaptability as a space for conferences, talks, workshops, and networking sessions. Join us for a day filled with enjoyment and seize the opportunity to connect with some of the brightest minds in the field of ICT.

Our Partners

Without the generous support of our partners' exec(ut) would not have been possible. Below you can find a list of our partners, most of which you will be able to meet on the day itself. They will be attending exec(ut) with a stand, so make sure to stop by and have a chat!

About Us

exec(ut) is an event organised by Stichting Sticky. It is a conference for and by students, offering a glimpse at the wondrous world of IT beyond the university. We strive to provide a diverse programme and show how exciting conferences can be. Our main way of contact is trough our e-mail address: conference@execut.nl.

The organising committee consists of seven members, all of whom are students of computing- and information sciences at Utrecht University:


Aside from our speakers, host, and parters, there are a few people and organisations whom we would like to thank for their contributions to the organisation of exec(ut). These are, in no particular order:

DomCode, for letting us take inspiration from their code of conduct;
The staff of Utrecht University's CS department for their support in planning and promotion;