Presence in Practice, Affinity vs. Contrast in Video Game UX

In 3D games we see many types of user interfaces. In this session you will learn what they are, and how to best select which type of interface should be presented to our players depending on the player’s level immersion while playing your game. You will see a case study covering a fictional abstract game realised for this talk and how the UI is structured from the ground up while best respecting immersion in our game world and giving the game’s core systems room to breathe.

About Ahmed Salama

Content Director at Ubisoft HQ's Global Creative Office

Ahmed has been coding and designing user interfaces professionally since 2005. He has been working in games since 2013, when he joined Guerrilla Games to ship Killzone: Shadow Fall and Horizon Zero Dawn as software engineer and UX designer. Next, He moved to Stockholm and joined EA DICE to lead interface development on Battlefield and Star Wars: Battlefront. He then took on the role UX Director at Ubisoft Stockholm working on an unannounced project. He is currently Content Director at Ubisoft HQ’s Global Creative Office working across several titles in Europe. He is a public speaker and has spoken about interface design and development at many industry events. He currently also teaches a Game UX design course for the game design classes at Future Games.

Ahmed Salama