The future of AI

The rise of generative AI only started a year and a half ago with Chat GPT. Now, we are so much further already, and only at the start of these developments. What are the most remarkable developments in the field of generative AI and what will happen next? Where lie the chances for students, and where the treats? What are the most important things to take into account if you want to become active in this field?

About Huub Janssen

Kwartiermaker at Dutch Authority for Digital Infrastructure

Huub Janssen expertly leads AI supervision at the Dutch Authority for Digital Infrastructure. He is focusing on the impact on cybersecurity, development of standards, supervising policy, research and collaboration with science and supervising AI. As Chair of both the Dutch, Huub brings together over 20 supervisory bodies. Huub is also the Chair of the European Working Group of Competent Authorities on AI which also includes EC/DG-CNECT, DG-REFORM, ENISA, and UNESCO. Previously Huub was responsible for supervising cybersecurity (NIS Directive) and he uses that information when supervising AI and generative AI. Known for a forward-thinking approach, Huub likes to share insights into the paradigm shift he sees in cybersecurity due to generative AI.

Huub Janssen