AI for Seals: How our AI for Good Challenge Helped Solve a Real-life Problem

In this presentation you will see how you can hone your AI skills while applying them for Good! Sako will be explaining how their global community solves AI for Good Challenges while training people in the real-world application of state-of-the-art AI. He will do this by providing a tech deep-dive into the cutest challenge yet, AI for Seals. We will be delving into how a team of 50 AI engineers built an application in 10 weeks time that is not only able to recognize seals in pictures but also identify individuals to be able to track the population over a long time period. Let’s apply some AI for Good together!

About Sako Arts

Chief Technology Officer and founder of FruitPunch AI

Sako Arts is the CTO and Founder of FruitPunch AI, the global AI for Good community. As an AI specialist himself, he experienced firsthand that classical education does not prepare you to apply AI in the real world. Therefore, he founded FruitPunch to crowd-source engineers worldwide to apply AI for sustainable causes while being educated with real challenge-based learning. This way we can both develop AI to reach the Sustainable Development Goals and educate Engineers in state-of-the-art AI. Let’s do some AI for Good together!

Sako Arts