Tim van der Wiel

Tim van der Wiel

Founder at gospooky | Forbes 30 Under 30

Tim van der Wiel, 24, is the founder of Gospooky, a social technology agency that keeps leading brands at the forefront of social.

He began his career at age 13, combining his interest in the digital industry and entrepreneurial spirit to develop social strategies for iconic brands. Since then, Tim has played a significant role in reimagining social. He leads a fast-growing international team that continues to push boundaries at the intersection of creativity and technology for companies such as Snap Inc., Amazon, JBL, Dior, Coca-Cola, and G-Star.

Tim has a wealth of knowledge about emerging tech and building businesses on social platforms. He regularly shares his unique insights as a speaker and board member and was recognized by Forbes with a spot on the 30 under 30 Europe: Media list 2017.

How Immersive Technology is transforming the internet.. at last.

AR, VR and XR have promised a lot of disruption the past few years, but didn’t scale to the masses. Until now. With the wider digitisation and the first building blocks of the metaverse, immersive technology is now bound to transform the internet at last. In this keynote Tim will share how creators can get beyond the buzzwords and how to create immersive experiences and connect in new ways using these technologies.