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Low-code with Pega

Why code business apps if you can create the same apps much quicker with the low-code Pega platform?

In the 90s websites could only be made by technical whiz kids using HTML/PHP coding and was not in reach by less tech savvy people. This changed by CMS tools like wordpress that use the WYSIWYG-principle. This model driven development approach made it possible for more people to create websites, the same goes for the exec(ut) website that is created using Django (‘Django makes it easier to build better web apps more quickly and with less code.’).

What if we told you the same is already available to automate business processes and is being used for companies that you’re customer of to run their business? Instead of taking weeks to create business apps, you can create prototype apps in a few hours. This speed of development is really necessary because there is a big shortage of technical developers, there is more & more demand on IT, and requirements change fast.

In this workshop we’ll give you a glimpse of how this works with the powerful Pega platform, that lets technical developers work together with less tech savvy people to build out apps and processes. We’ll start from a base application and build out the process, data model and UI and show how Pega ‘lets you build for change’. We’ll also touch how Pega makes AI easily available in the platform and thus in processes. Why frustrate on coding apps if you can build the same apps in a shorter time and easier way?

Please join us if you’re interested in model driven development / low-code technology. Hope to see you there!