Building an AI-Powered Pub Quiz-Master (Laptop required)

Join our AI-Powered Pub Quiz-Master Workshop!

This workshop is made to transform curiosity into creativity. We offer a short but exciting opportunity to harness some of the latest advancements in Generative AI. We will craft an intelligent and entertaining quiz-master with just a few steps. Ideal for tech enthusiasts, innovators and music and pub quiz lovers.

As requirements you need to bring a laptop, a browser with internet connectivity and some basic knowledge of Python. Having speakers to let music sound great is also lovely.

We will extract a list of songs, we retrieve the background information of these songs, we collect the music and extract different samples off the music. We generate questions, digital art and new pieces of music. In that way we learn some valuable lessons: data needs cleaning, prompt engineering can be challenging and we’ll see different ways to use GenAI. We combine this all with more classical automation and our own intelligence to make a smart Quiz-master. We use this example to discuss some of the ethical questions that can arise with GenAI, like bias, privacy, intellectual property and the speed of change.

Discover this fun example of how GenAI can potentially revolutionize and change the business and our lives. Join this engaging 40-minute workshop. Spaces are limited – reserve your spot today. Let’s have fun together, let’s make some noise!